Thursday, December 2, 2010

Christmas Inspiration

Well if you are snowed in and desperate to do some Christmas shopping here are some ideas which might tempt you to look on our website
We've just got delivery of these lovely new Christmas Cards
which also come in a really lovely Box set of 10

The wonderful thing about living in Thailand is that there are so many skilled craftsmen here and it's so inspiring that as a designer I can't contain myself.
I've got so much stuff being made, as it's arriving the quantities are quite scary!
Hope you like this new design which is in Silver or Gold on the lovely handmade Thai Saa paper (made from mulberry tree) We are expecting lots more beautiful things in January using this pattern which I think looks lovely even if I do say so myself.

The Glitter Dragonflies have been selling like hotcakes
especially the Red/Green one which looks fantastic on the Christmas Tree. I will be ordering far more next year.
The others look great anytime of year just clipped on a curtain or hanging on a window latch. we have some baby Blue ones for the sping- The pink didn't happen for some reason. (I must get onto that)

And these are one of the smallest but my most favorite things in the shop.
I couldn't believe it when I found a supplier of Dice with Dragonflies for the No. One!
I fell in love with them when I got the first ones through and asked our lovely American suppliers if they could make them in Scarlet as a special Christmas edition for us.
They are so yummy you just want to keep them tight in your fist & not let go.
So appropriate for the charity too.
You cant predict the roll of the dice, you never know what will happen & like Josie and many of the other kids who are just unlucky & get cancer, sometimes its your destiny to be a dragonfly- not just a number!

Friday, October 8, 2010


Well I did it!
This month I returned to Thailand from the UK having achieved something which had just been a dream for over a year. It took 3 months but it was so worth the effort.
The Dragonfly shop is the next step in moving the charity forward big time. It has been a huge success and has proved to be an incredible platform for the charity.
It is funny because like a dragonfly, the shop had a previous life-it was our Jewellery Shop. It slept unused for a while and has now been reborn as something totally different and quite amazing.

It was also a big step for me. After doing so much myself I have been able to let go a little and in allowing other people to help I have let Josie's Dragonfly Trust take a big step forward.
I'm sure Josie found me the perfect person to run it. Sue is wonderful and has taken the fund raising side on with a passion!

This year we have had so many Cash Gift requests it has been really worrying at the same time the charities funds were dwindling each month .... in September we had a record 13 Cash gifts of 500.00 each go out to help children with cancer get through their last days with a smile.
Despite this, for the first time in years we actually had more money come into the fund in September than went out.
It's a major breakthrough & I am so happy!

So if your in Hexham call into see this very special shop. It's full of lovely dragonfly gifts sales of which support the charity.
If you go in the morning there are even sometimes rainbows in the shop!
To a memory - the second chapter of our story

Monday, May 17, 2010

To a Dream - the first chapter of our story

Fairies in the Garden

These are some of the lovely pictures that Libby took of fairies in our garden wearing the beautiful new Dragonfly Scarves. They were made exclusively for us to celebrate the 3rd year of Josie's Dragonfly.
Have a look on the website to see the other colours. Turquoise,Tangerine & Black

Monday, May 10, 2010

A Dragonfly Tale

If you have a Child with Cancer who is no longer considered curative or have recently lost a child to cancer, and would like a free copy of 'A DRAGONFLY TALE' please get in touch through the website
Give your child's full name and the name of their UK cancer specialist hospital & your address.
(If you are overseas please still get in touch)

You can read the story in full on the website.This may be helpful if your child or siblings are already aware of their prognosis.
There is no mention of dying, it is a very simple & positive story about a water-bug transforming into something more beautiful.
The Clic Sargent & Macmillan nurses in the hospitals we support find that it is a great comfort to both patients & families.
Sales of the book include a donation which obviously helps us provide the free copies, so if you can, then please buy the book through the website or Amazon. Unfortunately we don't have it in the shops yet.... but were working on it.
If you have a book shop please, please get in touch!

Friday, April 30, 2010

About the Charity

Please visit the website to read about the Charity
UK Registered Charity No.1121768
All DONATIONS are very much appreciated and help to make a very real difference to Children and Teenagers with Cancer.