Thursday, April 29, 2010


It has taken me 2 years to start this blog. It is a huge event for me, one that I have put off many times. I had no idea where to start. Every time I tried, my head was bursting with all the things I wanted to include and I just didn't know where to begin.

Today,with the help of my daughter Libby,
I have finally started.
(Thanks Libbs X)

I hope you enjoy this unraveling of an amazing story.
It might seem like a fiction novel, but everything is true.

The story of Josie Grove, my beautiful daughter who lost her life to cancer when she was just 16.
A young woman who faced her death with incredible courage and who decided to spend her last few months setting up a legacy that would help the children with cancer that she was leaving behind.

Sadly there are many many more families who have a similar tragic tale.
Hundreds of incredibly brave children battle cancer every day and these are the ones Josie reaches out to through Josie's Dragonfly Trust.

My love for Josie is shared in a thousand other hearts.
I hope her story will help and encourage those who are on a similar journey.

Jacqui X

If I have given courage to others then my life is as full as if I lived to be 100
Josie Grove 2007


  1. well done Jacs, I know its taken a lot of courage to start a blog but you'll soon get the hang of it! xx