Monday, May 10, 2010

A Dragonfly Tale

If you have a Child with Cancer who is no longer considered curative or have recently lost a child to cancer, and would like a free copy of 'A DRAGONFLY TALE' please get in touch through the website
Give your child's full name and the name of their UK cancer specialist hospital & your address.
(If you are overseas please still get in touch)

You can read the story in full on the website.This may be helpful if your child or siblings are already aware of their prognosis.
There is no mention of dying, it is a very simple & positive story about a water-bug transforming into something more beautiful.
The Clic Sargent & Macmillan nurses in the hospitals we support find that it is a great comfort to both patients & families.
Sales of the book include a donation which obviously helps us provide the free copies, so if you can, then please buy the book through the website or Amazon. Unfortunately we don't have it in the shops yet.... but were working on it.
If you have a book shop please, please get in touch!

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