This is Josie's Dragonfly.
It was designed by Josie just weeks before she died.

Her idea was to make something symbolic that people could buy to raise money for her charity fund.

With jewellers for parents, it was not hard to decide on a pendant and she set about creating Josie's Dragonfly.
She decided on two pendants one in silver and one in gold. They were to be the same but the gold one was to have a small diamond in a heart on the body.
The body was made up of 5 hearts. One for each member of her family.

On the back, down the dragonfly body was to be an inscription.
Strength, Courage & Happiness.
These were the qualities in Josie that had helped us through such difficult times and her hope was that the story of the dragonfly would bring these things to the wearer. Of these three Happiness was most the important to Josie.

The first two pendant samples arrived on the Friday. Josie was thrilled. She delighted in showing everyone.We all knew it was something special.
Three days later on the Monday, Josie passed away. We placed the Gold Dragonfly on Josie to take on her journey hoping it was the first of many.

There are now thousands of silver dragonflies(and a few gold ones)all over the world. There is something very special about them.
They play an important role in spreading the word about Josie's Charity and bring in much needed funds,but there is something more.... and it's to do with the words on the back.

View Josie's Dragonfly Range

So why a Dragonfly?
It is a symbol of new life....

Before a dragonfly is born into the air it has a different life.
It lives in a pond, totally unaware of a world buzzing with life above.
When it leaves the pond it cannot return.
It is separated from it's old body,it's old world,it's brothers and sisters.
But it is happy. It is Free.
And it knows a secret....
When you leave,it is not the end,it is just the beginning.

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