Josie's Dragonfly Trust

Josie's Charity was re-named Josie's Dragonfly Trust in 2007 after the hugely successful launch of Josies Dragonfly pendant and the story behind it.

The Charity has one aim and that is to
Brighten the lives of Children & Teenagers with Cancer.

It does this in two ways.
By providing Arts & Crafts to Childrens Cancer wards & Teenage Units across the UK.
By providing a CASH GIFT of £500 when a child or teenager is told that their treatment is no longer considered curative.

Why these two things?

This is one of my happiest memories of Josie during her last days.
She had two best friends from her Thailand days visiting and the agenda for the day was to spend some money from the charity!
We went to Hobby-Craft and Josie had her friends wheeling her up and down the isles for hours...selecting trolley loads of Arts & Crafts Stuff for the Wards. Nothing was missed.
After accumulating about a years worth of hospital stays Josie was an expert on what was needed and she was in her element.
We took it all up to the Teenage Cancer Unit at the RVI and sorted through it all.We had to buy an extra cupboard, there was so much!
Josie had a real sense of achievement. She knew that all these things would make a difference to the difficult days kids have in hospital and it gave her a huge buzz to know that she was helping to brighten their days.


When Josie was in the media some of the money she received from well wishers was for the charity and some was given to her to spend on herself. She had her own money and this made a huge difference to her.It empowered her at a point in her life where she was totally dependent on us and hospital.

Josie never asked for anything, in fact she once said to me that buying things for her was a waste of our money. It broke my heart to hear her say this when I wanted to give her anything she wanted while I had the chance.
When she had her own money her attitude was different. She bought herself a bright red Ski-Jacket and black ski-pants. Well it was very cold in the North of England and being in a wheelchair she needed to keep warm. They were expensive, they were warm and she had the money to buy them herself so she did.... with a big smile.
(I still smile every time I look at that Red Jacket)

With the rest of the money she made little memory boxes and Scrap books for each of her brothers & sister and she bought us all gifts.
Then on Christmas Eve she went to ToysRus and bought presents,each individually chosen for every child that was on the cancer ward at the RVI.
She was a secret Santa and knowing that she might bring those children an extra smile made her really happy.

We work with Clic Sargent social worker or the Macmillan nursing team in the hospitals who request the Cash Gift for their patients. That way we don't have any hold ups with red tape and doctors references. We know the situation and we get the money out within days.
The money is for the child or teenager to do anything they want. The requests are all individual and every one makes a huge difference to them and leaves some happy memories for families and friends to treasure.
There is a list of some of the things people have done on the website.
We currently get about 2 requests a week and the numbers grow as funds allow us to slowly make the Cash Gift available to more hospitals.

So these are the two things we do.
Josie showed us what makes a difference ....and it does.

If you would like to make a donation it would be much appreciated.

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