This is an open page to share stories and offer support and encouragement to families who have been touched by Cancer.
If Josie's Dragonfly Trust has helped  you or you have one of Josie's Dragonfly pendants,
we would really love to hear from you....  Jacqui x

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  1. Iwas truely inspired by the dragonfly pendant which was given to me a few weeks after losing my 17 year old son in a horrific accident and I know that the trust is all about supporting families with children with cancer but I do believe that the dragonfly itself represents the loss of a child. I have followed Josies story and her picture makes me smile and I know she will be somewhere safe with all the others inspiring them too. I havent visited the shop yet but plan to this week what a fantastic charity. Everytime I feel sad I hold the pendant which I wear everyday and this helps me feel a little bit stronger. Thank you